Essential Tremors – Extreme Anxiety

For a monthly blog, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight a new client’s progress, in this case after 3 months and 11 days of perfect herbal nutrition. Chris came to me with a diagnosis of essential tremors and extreme anxiety. A strong feeling of desperation came from him, as well as frustration, and just plain “fear” that he just wasn’t going to get better, even after 10 or more years of medical intervention and medicines.

Chris couldn’t stop shaking and hadn’t felt good in over 10 years. He suffered loss of appetite, sleep disorders, extreme shaking, anger, dizziness, fatigue, facial tics and spasms and just couldn’t handle any stress at all without shaking.

After thousands of dollars worth of blood tests, the only thing found wrong was an unusual spike in his testosterone levels which no one could explain. I didn’t know at first either but prayed for the answer and was shown: The extreme amount of energy he burned with his type of high functioning mind, his shaking, his anxiety, his facial tics and the worry about his emotional instability as well as fear about the possibility of heart attack etc..

The marvelous self healing design of his body had spiked his testosterone to help raise his bodies’ energy to help through the energy crisis he was experiencing. Also it was protecting his heart, the organ with the most testosterone receptors in his body!

We are wonderfully made; the body was saving his life. Using dowsing and applied kinesiology we verified that the answers we received were correct. It seemed to begin his healing process right then; just to understand what was going on in his healing process.

After 29 days on his tailored chronic reversed polarity program, Chris came in for his 1st check up and I was looking at a different person – a person who was losing his fear and glimpsing the possibility that he was going to get well – his major comment was “I haven’t felt this good in years!”

After 3 months and 11 days Chris tested 50% better, his appetite was ½ way restored, he wasn’t exhausted and falling asleep all the time. The dizziness was rare. The facial tics and spasms were not present and were only happening if he was extremely stressed. All of his original symptoms were improved and his extreme anxiety was diminishing. Most important his fear was changing to hope!

Mankind deserves to be well! What a privilege to participate in Chris’ new journey.



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