Rheumatoid Arthritis

The following is a recent testimonial from a patient:

“My Rheumatoid Arthritis pain and symptoms have been mostly totally gone – it’s really hard to believe. I used to spend most of my days either asleep, terribly fatigued or in excruciating pain. The non stop pain drains me & I was in over-whelming fatigue. I couldn’t make plans; I never felt good enough to keep them.

“My skin looks better, my natural color is coming back & the darkness around my eyes is diminishing. The itchy red skin patch behind my hair line is going away as well. I didn’t believe Keith when he told me I was going to look at least 10 years younger, but now I am beginning to believe he told me the truth.

“I was waking with the feeling that I was drugged and just couldn’t wake up and function and now I wake up feeling normal. Auto immune is supposed to be incurable and after only 2 months feeling this much better, I am beginning to believe I can be well.
I told the friend that referred me to Keith that he was my “last healer”, I’ve been to so many & spent so much time and money…I just didn’t believe I could get well.

“This has now changed TOTALLY – I’ve never felt this good since my baby’s were born 25 years ago. I will not miss a dose of my supplements. Thank you, Keith!

Melinda Leal

PS: A pretty nice result for only 2 months treatment of the RA condition. Mankind deserves to be well. Thank you, Melinda for allowing me to help.


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