Here are some success stories we’ve gathered from clients throughout the years, we hope to add yours soon!


Got Her Life Back

Working with Keith is one of the very best things I ever did for myself and my healing. Not only did I recover my energy after being in bed for eight months, I also developed a new regimen for continued health and wellness. Keith is truly an herb specialist and a compassionate healer and teacher.  He understands the big picture along with all the important tiny details, and his holistic approach to healing mind, body, spirit is beyond measure. Thank you very much Keith!


Interstitial Cystitis

I had been suffering for over a year with interstitial cystitis. I was experiencing episodes at least once a month and the pain was so intense it would keep me up all night or force me to miss work. I went to several primary care physicians and urogynecologists and I was told repeatedly that there was no treatment for the condition. I was informed that I could manage the symptoms with diet, physical therapy, and stress management. I was directed to cut out over 50 foods from my diet, was prescribed a daily tricyclic antidepressant to relax my bladder and block pain, and was also advised to take an anti-inflammatory when symptoms occurred. Even after following these instructions I was still experiencing the intense episodes monthly. My condition was having a major impact on my quality of life. I heard about Keith Smith from an acquaintance and made an appointment right away. Keith put me on plan and after only one month my symptoms were completely gone. Besides curing my interstitial cystitis, I feel better mentally and physically.

Mallory Fore



Graves Disease

Over ten years ago a family friend introduced me to Keith after I mentioned to them that I had Graves Disease due to my thyroid. I didn’t know what it was and thought I was way too young to have this illness. So I made an appointment to see him after I was struggling with clumps of hair loss, weight gain of 50 pounds or more over a month period, bulging eyes and loss of sleep. My doctor at the time mentioned to me I had to be on prescription medication for the rest of my life or have surgery. This was something I was not fond of having to do. After visiting with Keith, he put me a treatment plan. In the meantime, I went off my prescription and stuck to Keith’s plan. In less than two years I had no signs of Graves Disease. My doctor could not believe that I had “NO” signs of Graves Disease. I no longer lose my hair my eyes are normal and my weight is stable.

– R. Roberts



Hair Loss, Chemical Sensitive, Anxiety, Fatigue, Poor Sleep

Over the past 30 years of my life, I’ve been able to self-medicate in natural ways with the help of a naturopathic doc here and there. So when I had multiple problems that I couldn’t figure out, I called a friend on the East Coast for help. She suggested Keith Smith, who had helped her. My anxiety, fatigue and poor sleep had really gotten worse. Then I started getting migraine headaches, ocular migraines and started seeing huge clumps of my hair fall out in the shower. I was really scared. For many years, I also had chemical sensitivities and they got worse. I called Keith, and after taking the herbs he recommended, I have been feeling so much better. I don’t have migraines, I sleep so much better, the chemical sensitivities are almost gone and my hair has come back and looks even better! I feel great! Thank you, Keith!

– Debbie Tuttle



Chronic Reversed Polarity and Back Problems

I have known Keith for over 16 years and am very satisfied with the results I have gotten from his healing methods.  Before I met Keith, I had chronic back problems, fatigue, depression and weakened immune system.  When I first saw Keith, he suggested I take some Herbs to correct my reversed polarity. After taking the herbs for several months my polarity got unreversed and back in balance. I felt much better.  My back problems became much less severe and less frequent. My chiropractic adjustments held and some of my back problems went away completely. I have more energy and less depression.  My immune system is much improved. I very seldom get colds or flu.  I believe the correction of reversed polarity has been a significant factor in the improvement of my health.  Keith is very friendly and professional in doing his healing work.  I highly recommend Keith to anyone interested in a holistic way of healing to maintain and enhance their health.

– Ted



Chronic Reversed Polarity

I have been working on my health issues for the past 7 months with Keith Smith…and I am now feeling 110% BETTER than I did at the beginning.  I had a dis-ease that manifested in extreme exhaustion, lethargy, and extreme brain fog…it was truly very scary how NOT like myself I felt! I had already been to my medical doctor who told me that she was going to recheck my blood tests-that were all abnormal-in 4 weeks, and then send me to a hematologist/oncologist if the lab results remained abnormal. I am very happy to say that the lab tests were all within normal range after the 4 weeks-no referral needed to the specialist. I continued to see Keith monthly for basic check ups, and for the reassurance that my energy would indeed be back to normal in about 6-8 months. The Brain Fog scared me at times-but Keith reassured me that it is the Last symptom to be healed…and he was Absolutely Correct. At my 7 month Keith check up I was back to my normal energy level, and my Brain Fog is almost completely gone. I am sooo grateful for Keith’s intuitive wisdom, patience, gentle guidance, and awesome intuitive guidance. It is truly Wonderful to have energy back again! I would highly recommend Keith to anyone looking for physical healing. Thanks Keith!

-Sandy S.





In summer, 2006, I experienced an intuitive compulsion to re-visit and re-read a book called Indigo Children. My intuitive sense gave me the knowledge that there was something for me to find that would be beneficial to both me and our autistic son, Matthew, and that I would know it when I read it. Our son, Matthew, was born in September, 1982, the third of my four children, after a normal pregnancy and birth. He grew into a beautiful child with normal development during the first year and into the second year, the stages of development started deviating from the norm. Autism was appearing.

At this point, some background is necessary to clarify the story.  In the 1980’s, I was on a birth control program ran by the county health department. On an earlier visit, I had a standard test for red measles which was positive. In December, 1981, I had a booster shot, in deference to the line of thinking about natural immunity being insufficient protection. I was born in 1949, before children received vaccinations against childhood diseases. My mother told me that I had red measles when I was one years old and that they had almost lost me, thus the positive result to testing. I was told to not become pregnant for six weeks because of side effects to a fetus from the vaccination. I was still practicing birth control but three weeks into the six week period, I became pregnant. This vaccination was the only event different in the histories of my four pregnancies. The physical situation was set up for autism in this child.

When Matthew was finally diagnosed with infantile autism at age three, my whole world was turned inside out. It was hard to accept and raise an autistic child with no prior knowledge of a condition called autism. We learned by trial and error about its demands.  Life was a rollercoaster of  emotional ups and downs. Finding approaches to help him was a trip of discovery but very hard on the other members of the family. My youngest child, a daughter, was affected the most from the emotional trauma we all endured from the demands of Matthew’s autistic behaviors as he grew older. I had to be a physical bully to get Matthew to do anything when he resisted. I thought it was what I needed to do. When he became physically equal to me in size and strength, I decided it was time to change how he was handled. My tactics, experience had to come from a different direction because he was going in a different direction: becoming an adult, physically, but still different in behavior from normal adult development.

Matthew has always showed a special connection to me at the emotional level.  We could communicate with facilitated handwriting. I had a bridge to his thinking. He could make known some of the things he wanted of me even before it would be written down. This was how I learned that he wanted the help I found in Indigo Children. Now is the time to tell what I found in the book.  I found the theory of CRP, chronic reverse polarity, posited by Keith Smith as the base cause of a lot of the human problems, including learning disabilities. I had found my jewel, my knowledge that would help Matthew and me. My intuitive sense signaled this was the thing I needed to follow. I sat with Matthew and we wrote. I told what I had found on CRP. Matthew simply wrote back: “Get it for me, Mom.” He knew what I was doing. For evidence, I have the notebooks we wrote in.

I set up the initial appointment with Keith in September, 2006. Matthew and I both had consultations because Matthew would do the therapy if he knew I was doing it too. At an emotional level, he feels what goes on with me and will do what I do. It has been almost nine years since we started the program Keith tailored for our needs. I have changed so much and so has my son. During the years, he has become less rigid in behaviors, more talkative, even singing at night, more interactive socially with us, even tolerant of strangers. I consider the changes I have witnessed miracles due to the herbal intervention. The good things continue for both of us. I am convinced the CRP is not a theory but a real condition that can be helped by the use of the herbal therapy from Keith. It is worth the trial and we will continue to follow it. The progress will keep happening.

Nancy Levings




Chronic Reversed Polarity

Keith helped me 5 years ago with my CRP (Chronic Reversed Polarity) but because of a huge transition in my life and chronic stress I noticed that I got switched again. I was waking up tired even though I had 7 hours of sleep. I was chronically fatigued, had low stamina, fog in my mind and dealt with daily anxieties. Keith started me on a herbal program for CRP and after 2 weeks I start to feel better, sleep better and have more energy. Now that I am unreversed we are rebuilding my adrenal glands. I feel blessed knowing Keith and I recommend him to all of my friends and family.

Tanya K.

San Diego, CA




I first met Keith in 2011.  My boyfriend brought me to see Keith because I was experiencing pain, couldn’t sleep, and I could hardly stand up straight to walk.  After his evaluation, which was only a determination based on my symptoms, it could be the onset of cancer… but that wasn’t told to me till I was recovered and completely healed.  I was put on a regiment of herbs, which I took daily, and about 3 months later I was feeling so much better.  I was completely free of pain, I didn’t have any more problems getting out of bed, and I wasn’t tired anymore.  He is a true healer and truly works miracles. Since then I have stayed on the Spirulina and Life Source regiment every single day and have not had a cold, pain, or any ailments at all.  I highly recommend Keith for any health related issues.

Kat Jones



Sleep Disorder – Anxiety – Immune Strength

In 2008, I was at the lowest point in my life.  I had just lost my husband; and 11 months before his passing, my mom had passed away.  Later that year my friend, Cheryl C, strongly encouraged me to schedule an appointment with Keith. When I first started with Keith, I was a total mess — I couldn’t sleep, was anxious, and my immune system was short!  Keith put me on a supplement protocol, shipped my supplements directly to me, and monitored my progress via phone consultations.  Today I’m feeling absolutely great — I’m not anxious, I sleep well, and my immune system is as strong as ever!!  Thank you, Keith!!

Ann D.

Longview, WA



Depression/Chronic Reversed Polarity

My introduction to Keith Smith came at a very low point in my life and I credit him with bringing me out of depression and back to the land of the living.  He found that I had chronic reversed polarity and had had the condition most of my life.  With the use of certain high energy herbs the polarity was unreversed within six months during which time I began to increase the light I could hold in my body.  After five and a half years my polarity is still where it needs to be and my light quotient is still increasing and in general, I’m feeling quite well and happy again.  Keith is very encouraging and wonderful to talk with which I still do every six weeks and he gives me a vibrational update at that time.  I am so glad I paid attention to the nagging voice in me that wanted me to call him!

Diana L



Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)

I have MCS. For a year I tried almost everything I could possibly imagine to find a cure or relief from the symptoms. Nobody could help and nothing worked, some things appeared to temporarily improve things, many things just made it worse. It was after I had given up that I was recommended Keith Smith by another patient of his with MCS.

Keith is the only person I have found who seems to really understand this condition and knows how to reverse it and begin to heal it. It can’t be cured overnight, you have to work slowly and it takes patience and trust. You should trust Keith. Almost every time I have tried to take any other herbs or supplements other than the ones that Keith has given me, it has made me sick. He is very caring and just to speak with someone who understands what you’re going through and has experience treating this condition gives you much hope.

It is now 15 months since my first appointment with Keith and I am happy to say I am feeling much better and I am well on my way to a happy, healthy future and looking forward to making a full recovery from this life ruining and little understood disease.

– Michael McKean

Adelaide, South Australia




I worked with Keith Smith in 2004/2005. I had many miscarriages. After working with Keith for a year, I was suddenly able to hold a baby full term. I now have 2 kids after 11 miscarriages. He also helped me with numbness I had on my entire left side for years.

Tanya Tarail

Tanya Tarail



Chronic Reversed Polarity

My journey with Keith began February 13, 2009. Feeling anxious, empty, not worthy just hanging on with my fingernails, in much need of mental and physical healing. Keith was the soothing sounding person I needed at the time, understood what was happening to me and was willing to help me heal. I am happy to say that today, April 24, 2015 I am able to handle life much better, am such a stronger person. I feel complete inside, much calmer. Yes, I still have ups and downs as life gives many twists and turns but with Keith’s guidance I am able to cope with them in a positive matter. I cannot imagine my life without Keith’s guidance. I cannot thank Keith enough for the person that I have become.

– Fran 



Essential Tremors

As a result from falling off a horrendous 60 foot cliff, my head, hands and voice has tremors. At first I just ignored it, but the tremors really bothered my boss. He pushed me to see a neurologist, who diagnosed me with an essential tremor. That was 14 years ago. Fortunately my cousin referred me to Keith Smith. For 2-1/2 years I’ve been following Keith’s prescribed regimen of supplements, exercise and green powder drink. Now, I’m not cured, but the tremors have not progressed in my hands. However, my voice and head hardly shakes at all anymore. I am so happy I have found Keith’s Herb Shop!

– Ellen 

Las Vegas



Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy 2A

I started on Keith Smith’s protocol September of 2010. At the time, I had been living with the diagnosis Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy 2A for fifteen years. I was 32 years old, single and living with my parents. There were times where I felt hopeless in that my life wouldn’t improve and I’d end up in a wheelchair, lonely and taken care of by my parents in their home. It was over the course of five years of taking the herbs and talking with Keith on a monthly basis that a change slowly took place. My life had shifted to the point where my disease was no longer the burden I had thought it was. I met a woman, moved to Colorado to be with her, married her and recently discovered that I am going to be a father. My entire mental and emotional life shifted to a higher vibration where everything I feared I couldn’t obtain suddenly became real. Physically, when I observe other people who have my disease I see that my disease has leveled off. There is still some work to be done with curing limb girdle muscular dystrophy, but I feel strongly that will come with time and patience.

– John Graybill


John C. Graybill II



Chronic Reversed Polarity

From the first time that I met Keith (which was 25 years ago), I knew he was a man of incredible knowledge and integrity. In his loving and gentle manner, he introduced me to a holistic way of healing that profoundly changed my life. Keith set me on a course of natural herbs and remedies that brought my body into balance and also helped me understand the importance of emotional healing in conjunction with physical wellness. I consider him a “master” in his profession & highly recommend him to friends, family and clients – all that seek a higher and effective route to heal body, mind, spirit and enhance their wellness in a natural way.

Andrea Amptman



Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I’ve had a wonderful experience working with Keith Smith. I’ve been suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome for 15 years and I was desperate for help. Keith started me on a reverse polarity drink and some anti-stress herbs. The effect was not immediate, but I noticed over the course of several months that I was gradually improving. My energy and stamina began to increase. My brain fog started to clear more and more. My anxiety levels weren’t quite as high. The healing has been very steady and gradual. I have been working with Keith for almost a year now and I am in an amazingly different place than when I started. I plan to work with him further and fine tune my body even more. Keith not only physically helped me, but he has provided me with emotional and spiritual support as well. I highly recommend him to any chronic fatigue sufferers.


San Francisco




Prior to meeting Keith Smith, I suffered from chronic uveitis in my left eye for two and a half years. Uveitis is inflammation of the iris, which is an autoimmune disease where your own immune system attacks itself. I suffered from one attack of uveitis after another. The longest I would go between attacks was 2-4 weeks. The only medication that doctors would prescribe was steroids to treat the symptoms and I would dilate my eye for weeks to control the muscle spams and to prevent scarring of the pupil. From prolonged use of steroids, I ended up with glaucoma and cataracts. My ophthalmologist referred me to a rheumatologist who suggested I take Methotrexate, which is a chemotherapy drug. The rheumatologist wanted to suppress my immune system so it would stop attacking itself. One of the side effects of methotrexate is an increased risk of developing lymphoma or leukemia. Before starting methotrexate, I was referred to Keith by a nurse in urgent care. Since I have been seeing Keith for the past 3 months, I have not had one attack of uveitis. My pain and sensitivity in my left eye has also subsided. Needless to say, I never started taking methotrexate because Keith has been treating my Uveitis with natural herbs that don’t cause any side effects. I will keep you updated with my progress. So far, it has been unbelievable! I have never gone this long without an attack. Thank you Keith!

Lisa M. Calvert, M.S.Ed

5th Grade, Reynolds Elem.



Reversed Polarity, and Boy Oh Boy was it chronic!

 I met Keith Smith in July 2013, after being sick for 26 years. I had seen more than 12 conventional doctors (including specialists) several naturopaths and an Ayurvedic doctor. I tried many different things to heal which included cleansing and energy medicines. I had many different symptoms, dizziness, irritability, confusion, rashes, sore throats, ear aches, inability to concentrate, extreme fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivities. A few days before Christmas 2015 I felt some sort of shift and knew that my energy had unreversed and returned to normal. One year later most of those symptoms are gone, and the one that remains has dissipated greatly.

-Rick Vogt




Hair Loss and Lethargy

This place is the real deal.  Very knowledgeable staff and very professional.  Mr. Smith took extra time to see me and listen to my concerns.  He then recommended the necessary vitamins/herbs to help me with my problem.  He helped me when no doctor could.

Thank you,


San Diego



Neuropathy From Chemotherapy

I met Keith at the 10/10/10 Earthkeeper event in Arkansas. I have a history of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which was treated with chemotherapy and radiation and because of my age (I was 27 at the time) they treated me very aggressively (meaning the highest doses, with the hardest hits). The cancer went away but the slash and burn of such prolonged and intensive ‘treatment’ left me with a lot of issues: a weakened immune system, severe neuropathy (especially in my feet), generalized pain, etc. Due to the weakened immunity it was almost guaranteed that I would get bronchitis or pneumonia every winter, and was just generally unwell the rest of the year.

After consulting with Keith and learning about Chronic Reversed Polarity (and discovering, no surprise, that I was indeed reversed), it made so much sense to me why Reiki or other energy work seemed to help in the very short term (sometimes as sort as day) but my symptoms would always return.

Since 2010, I’ve been taking the herbs and following the protocol Keith prescribed, and I have rarely been sick since. The pain in my feet has decreased dramatically, my sleep is more refreshing, and overall I just feel so much better. Along with my polarity getting back on track it has allowed my vibration to increase; I feel clearer, and more connected to source. I lost a lot of weight and extracted myself from a toxic relationship.

It is important to assert that it wasn’t a “magic cure”, but more of a co-creative process. I have done the work required; I take my herbs, I listen to my body when I overdo and back off accordingly and I took Keith’s advice about dietary changes such as eliminating coffee and cleaning up my diet. Checking in with Keith via telephone has helped to keep me on track and we would make tweaks to my herb protocol as needed.

I recommend Keith to all my friends, and if you are reading this and perhaps skeptical, to you, too! The way I figured it, when I heard Keith’s talk about Chronic Reversed Polarity, its causes and symptoms, I knew that Spirit had brought me to that seminar to meet Keith and to give his suggestions a try. They absolutely worked and I am forever grateful to him for offering the rope for me to pull myself out of the downward spiral I had been in, both physically and emotionally.

I feel so much healthier than before I met Keith and he started me on the herbs and on the road back to health. It’s like night and day! If you are suffering the ill effects from chemotherapy or radiation, I definitely would give Keith a try, and do the work required to be well!

~ Genn




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